Duomatic gaming system

Duomatic gaming system

A modern gambling industry is a world with severe competition, although it plays into the hands of users. The casino gaming system develops rapidly, as manufacturers invest huge resources in new technologies.

Today developers are forced to constantly look for new ways to surprise their audience and offer gamblers something not just new, but exciting. Therefore, an old gambling platform, which does not have interesting features, is not going to work. If operators want to create an online casino, they will need to try very hard.

Today, Duomatic is one of the most unusual manufacturers of online slots, which were duly appreciated by many players.

In total, product range of the company now consists of 13 videoslots, and each of them was created with true love. Developers are constantly working on the improvement of Duomatic online casino games, making their optimization more advanced, and the functionality – more diverse.

Duomatic slot machines are so popular for several reasons:

  • unique Duomatic casino games are distinct in the high level of quality;
  • well thought-out gambling platform and control panel – all buttons are in their places;
  • the interface is accessible and understandable: gamblers do not need to perform any complicated manipulations in order to start playing;
  • despite the limited product range, the brand invents different themes and creates games in such a way as to offer each player those products, which are after his heart;
  • all videoslots are breathtaking, humorous and sometimes have mystical elements;
  • high-quality graphics – all images are drawn to the last detail;
  • interesting and beautiful soundtrack that nobody will want to turn off;
  • various bonus systems that players will definitely appreciate;
  • a huge number of opportunities to win a powerful lot of money.

Are you right in the middle of looking for where to buy online casino games? We can recommend you the most reasonable and profitable way out. The online casino gaming system Gaminator3 is able to provide you with an opportunity to save yourself from unnecessary problems.

The modern software includes various high-quality games created by the world's leading brands, including Duomatic slot machines as well. Moreover, clients receive a set of useful tools for business management.

What is so special about Duomatic online slots

First of all, we should mention the main feature, which distinguishes the branded gambling system from other slot machines – we are talking about two bonus features:

  • simple bonus;
  • super bonus.

All branded online casino games have interesting bonus rounds, a lot of remarkable characters and curious details. Unique storylines describes stories of different heroes. Each game is an interesting tale, which you will want to read over and over again, and every time it, like a good book, shows itself from a new side.

All Duomatic slot machines are equipped with 5 reels, as well as 9-25 paylines. Online slots can be characterized by simplicity, reliability and application of new technologies.

Nevertheless, the company's specialists try to adhere to classical canons of gambling. Compliance with international standards and availability of certificates that confirm the honesty of a random number generator can be considered as another proof of quality of Duomatic casino games.

The significance of this manufacturer lies in the fact that it produces online casino games not very frequently, but it does it so well that all presented videoslots have won recognition of players and have become popular among users from all over the world.

It is not so easy to find a developer, who has not even presented 15 games, but who already is considered to be a world-class provider. But Duomatic is such a developer.

And now let us consider the most popular videoslots from Duomatic

To those operators, who are planning to run a casino business, it will be useful to install slots from the described developer in their casinos in order to be able to provide clients with non-standard games.

  • Fairy Land

Fairy Land videoslot from Duomatic  Fairy Land online slot from Duomatic

At a very depth of the bay there are hidden treasures, which can be found only by inhabitants of the Magic country – frogs. Only they can guide players through unfixed sand and not allow them to drown in mire. However, frogs are ready to help only those, who are really lucky.

Reels will show players a lot of living creatures: iguanas, moths, snails and, of course, funny frogs. All these creatures form patterns and please players with generous winnings. The slot has 5 reels and 9 active lines. The sum won on a successful bet can be increased in a risk game. There is also a bonus game, which consists of two rounds.

 Fairy Land slot machine from Duomatic  Fairy Land online game from Duomatic

Like all Duomatic slot machines, this game promises to increase the level of adrenaline in the blood of even experienced fans of gambling.

We should also mention the bonus game. Players will have to walk over the water lilies and collect coins. But there is an alligator, who is hiding under these water lilies, so they will have to be extremely cautious.

  • Chukchi Man

Chukchi Man slot machine from Duomatic  Chukchi Man gaming machine from Duomatic

Probably, this is the only slot machine that is dedicated to aborigines of a harsh land of Chukotka – the Chukchi. Developers from Duomatic have put their heart in this product, filling the slot with funny stories and relevant attributes.

Thematic symbols looks very pleasant: owls, polar bears, the map of Chukotka, reindeers, walruses, fur coats, shaman's drums, a shaman himself, and, of course, the Chukchi.

During the bonus game gamblers will go fishing. It is very important not to catch a walrus or a bear instead of fish, because in this case everything may turn very nasty.

Chukchi Man slot from Duomatic  Chukchi Man video slot from Duomatic

The platform Gaminator3 is an end-to-end solution for the casino business. By installing such software in their clubs, entrepreneurs receive Duomatic slot machines and an extensive set of videoslots from other developers.

Gaminator3 would be a really good choice for those who have decided to launch a gambling establishment on the Internet. Its unique casino gaming system has everything that may help their business to become successful.


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